Who We Are

ATTIC Correctional Services, Inc.

Who We Are


ATTIC Correctional Services, Inc. began in 1977, originating from the Vet’s House in Madison, Wisconsin as a residential program for Vietnam veterans. To meet the growing and everchanging needs of our clients and stakeholders, we have since expanded our breadth of services significantly.  We currently offer a wide variety of community corrections programs spanning over 50 community areas throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota, serving more than 10,000 clients each year.

ATTIC is an acronym for: Alternative To Traditional Incarceration of Citizens. This Agency was founded on the belief that comprehensive, evidence-based interventions serve as the foundation for long-term successful reintegration of our clients.

Our Impact

We push for innovation in pursuit of our mission, with up-to-date research and data-analysis influencing all organizational decisions. Our treatment model emphasizes a comprehensive, culturally competent, cognitive-based, trauma-informed approach. We value collaboration with our stakeholders and partners in the community, and recognize the importance of addressing all needs pertaining to successful reintegration.

Our organization acknowledges and plays a role in solving overincarceration. We recognize that the impetus to criminal behavior is complex,  and necessitates a multi-faceted approach to be properly addressed. This is why we focus on the following pillars of successful reintegration:

  • Substance abuse and mental health treatment
  • Employment/vocational skill development
  • Establishing positive community involvement through completion of community service
  • Building prosocial support
  • Acquiring stable housing

Our programs provide a cost-effective approach to criminal justice via simultaneously reducing recidivism rates and increasing the labor productivity our clients reinvest into their communities. Our community-based approach places a strong emphasis on restorative justice, with public safety remaining at the core of everything we do.

Our Stakeholders

As a private, non-profit, 501( c)(3) corporation, ACS receives funding, in part, from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, United States District Courts, Minnesota Department of Corrections, various Wisconsin counties, and certified clinic insurance and private pay arrangements.

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