Our PREA Policy

ATTIC Correctional Services, Inc.

Our PREA Policy

ACS is committed to ensuring a safe and humane environment for our residents. An important part of a safe and humane environment is freedom from sexual misconduct by staff and sexual abuse and harassment from other residents.

Staff Sexual Misconduct and Harassment is Prohibited

Staff sexual misconduct includes sexual acts or behaviors that occur, consensually or non-consensually, between an ACS staff member, volunteer, contractor, or agency representative and a resident.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Any sexual act or sexual advance by a staff member
  • Requests for sexual favors by a staff member
  • Threats by staff for refusing sexual advances
  • Verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature by staff members
  • Invasion of client privacy beyond that reasonably necessary for safety and security
  • Intentional touching of genitals, anus, groin, breast, or inner thigh area to gratify sexual desire
  • Indecent exposure by a staff member in front of a client
  • Kissing, touching, inappropriate comments about your personal appearance
  • Demeaning references to or derogatory comments about a resident’ s gender
  • Jokes about sex or gender specific traits
  • Abusive, threatening, profane or degrading sexual comments
  • Touching, attention, language or conduct of a sexual nature

Resident–on–Resident Sexual Abuse and Harassment is Prohibited

While incarcerated or in a halfway house, other residents do not have the right to pressure you to engage in sexual acts. You do not have to tolerate sexual abuse or harassment to engage in unwanted sexual behavior.

Examples of unwanted sexual behavior include: One or more residents engaging in, or attempting to engage in, a sexual act with another resident using threats, intimidation, inappropriate touching, or other actions and/or communications by one or more residents aimed at coercing and/or pressuring another resident to engage in a sexual act.

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