ATTIC Correctional Services, Inc.

Transport & Monitoring Services Report

All reports are due within 24 hours of completed services.
Client Name(Required)
Staff Name(Required)
YYYY slash MM slash DD
Report Type(Required)
Time of Arrival(Required)
Time of Departure(Required)
DSE Client?(Required)
Did the client make any purchases, withdraws, or deposits?(Required)
Did the client have any packages delivered?(Required)
If yes, were they opened in front of staff?(Required)
Does the client have a cell phone?(Required)
If yes, does the client have a smart phone?(Required)
Were any GPS issues encountered?(Required)
Were any GPS locations added?(Required)
Were any GPS locations refused?(Required)
Did client refuse treatment or other community reintegration service expectations?(Required)
Were there any contacts with community members outside of a professional capacity (verbal or non-verbal)?(Required)
Was the client's use of technology solely for a pre-approved purpose (e.g. resume, job applications, etc.)?(Required)
Did the client exhibit any of the following behaviors?(Required)
Please check all boxes that apply during your particular service.
Note: For the above field labeled "Did the client exhibit any of the following behaviors?", the available checkbox options on the form are: Fraternization/boundary concerns; Threatening behavior (physical or verbal); Inappropriate sexual conduct; Any other uncharacteristic or concerning behavior that made staff feel uncomfortable; None of the above.
Were there any STAFF safety concerns as a result of client behavior?(Required)
Were there CLIENT safety concerns as a result of client behavior?(Required)
Did the client or staff observe any physical or mental health concerns?(Required)
Did the client report any housing or property concerns?(Required)
Incident Report Needed?(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
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